IoT Security 

IoT Device major Security Issues

• Illegal Device

• Unusual access

Blocking device duplication and illegal access
• Device F/W falsification & Malicious code injection
Device F/W security enhanced
Secure Boot    /   Secure Update
• Data tampering
Strengthen network security

Communication data security (Data Integrity, Data Encryption)

• Data breach
Reliable Root of Trust
Secure Storage
Inborn ID
IoT Device 주요 보안 문제점
요구 사항
해결 방안

• 불법 Device

• 비정상적 접근

• Device F/W 변조 및 

   악성코드 삽입

• 데이터 변조 및 유출

안전한 암호 알고리즘 사용
ECC 256
AES 128
SHA 256
• 물리적 공격
Micro-probing, 부채널 공격 등 물리적공격으로 부터의 보호 방안
PUF 기반 물리적 보호

및 방어 솔루션 탑재

Keys, Certificates, Crypto Accelerators
Key and certificate generation by H/W block in Cloneproof Secure ID-based security chip Crypto algorithm supported by H/W
Secure Inborn ID 
Provides a service platform using UUID Secure Inborn ID such as non-replicable fingerprints based on Chip's unique HW characteristics
Secure Storage 
Secure data storage through secure storage encrypted based on physical security key(key, certificate, user data)