Our PUF-Secured IP

Physical Unclonable Function



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Based on patented VIA PUF technology, ICTK Holdings has developed a range of security IP solutions that are designed to protect against a full range of potential attacks.


ICTK Holdings provides a large portfolio of IP security options offering leading protection for firmware and software, among many other use cases across the IoE ecosystem. We work closely with chip designers, chip manufacturers and developers to deliver solutions from our IP portfolio that provide the correct type and level of security, according to their specific requirements.

As the IoT landscape increases in both size and depth, security concerns are becoming ever more critical. Security implications must be a consideration from the first stages of development and solution design in order to ensure that devices deliver the maximum level of protection to guarantee customers’ peace of mind.

ICTK Holdings’ VIA PUF IP solutions can work with most existing CPU architectures to ensure secure IoT devices and solutions. Regardless of the client use case, our IP solutions generate a completely stable security key during the chip manufacturing process that guarantees security. Keys are based on nano-scale differences in the physical makeup of each chip, making them provably unclonable.


Devices and solutions secured with ICTK Holdings’ VIA PUF IP have been successfully implemented in millions of devices across the Internet of Things (IoT) landscape, including for uID (unique ID) use cases.

Once a Secure Root of Trust is established at chip-level, devices, connections between devices and data transfer with other networked services can also be effectively secured.

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3rd F/L, Venture Forum B/D, 323, Pangyo-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea