Cold Chain

The need for a cold chain

Cold chain, also called low-temperature distribution, is a distribution system that transports temperature-sensitive products such as foodstuffs and medicines, such as seafood, meat, vegetables, and fruits, from production areas to homes or hospitals where they are consumed at low temperatures without losing freshness.

In general, when many distribution stages are passed, freshness decreases or logistics costs increase, and it is necessary to use a cold chain to secure quality.
Also, recently, in relation to Covid-19, delivery from production areas to homes is increasing. In particular, Pfizer's storage conditions are -60°C and Moderna's storage conditions are -20°C. There is a possibility. 
It requires cryogenic distribution network technology. We call it ‘Super Cold Chain’.
This industry is growing at an average annual rate of 15%, and securing this technology is very important.
ICTK Cold Chain Solution

Configuration of cold chain

ICTK has the following functions during the process of constructing the cold chain.

Collection of temperature and humidity data
Collection of information such as car door billing
(3)Packetization of collected information
Transmission of data without forgery from device gateway to server
Storage of data on the server
Sending an alarm to a mobile phone when a dangerous situation occurs
The administrator checks the collected data in real time
Technology for storage in a block chain to prevent forgery and falsification in the server

It has the above technology, and in particular, it guarantees the confidentiality of data transmitted and received through TLS encrypted communication from the device gateway to the server through the security chip G3 mounted on the LTE CAT M1 modem.
In addition, it has its own Secure FOTA function for the security of the device's firmware update. It also has a function to manage devices using protocols such as CoAP, LWM2M, and MQTT.
In addition, it supports encrypted communication of apps used by managers and drivers on smartphones equipped with ICTK's secure USIM (PUF USIM). We have secured technological prowess for E2E services from sensors to cloud and mobile.
For device protection, a secure bootloader and firmware protection can be provided as a security chip.