Secure Application Processor

Secure Processor with RoT

The advantage of proceeding with a structure that communicates with the existing MCU (Micro Controller Unit) with the Root of Trust Chip outside is that security can be increased without changing the existing architecture.

When designing a new product, using a single chip with the General Application Processor and Root of Trust chip is a way to simplify product design and increase security. 

To support these functions, ICTK has created a Secure Processor using ARM M4 core. Another method is to combine General Core and Root of Trust at the silicon level through Multi-Chip-Packaging. 

A chip made with a Secure Processor as a One Chip takes the following security measures to prevent Physical Security Attack. 
Active Shielding & Detection (ASD)
Temperature Sensor Detection (TSD)
Light Sensor Detection (LSD)
Protection against side-channel attack’

Since these security chips are provided as One Chip, manufacturers of IoT devices can easily design. In addition, it has the advantage of being able to provide high-security products to end customers and reducing the burden on the price.