Quantum Security


Quantum Security is moving in two directions.

Encryption using the characteristics of Quantum
Encryption that remains secure in the age of Quantum computers

Encryption using the characteristics of quantum is called Quantum Security. Encryption that remains secure even in the age of quantum computers is called Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC).
Quantum is about very small size (10-12 cm) matter, covered in quantum physics, which exploits the properties of small particles such as molecules, electrons, protons, particles, protons, etc.
ICTK Quantum Security

In order to prepare for the era of Post Quantum, ICTK secured technology for NTRU algorithm and CRYSTALS algorithm, which are listed in NIST's PQC 3rd round, and performed verification through actual PoC.

The PQC algorithm S/W has been implemented in the encryption chip, and for H/W-like acceleration, a chip equipped with an accelerator will be provided.
We are conducting research on PUF using the characteristics of Quantum.
It is known that QRNG (Quantum Random Number Generator) made using the characteristics of Quantum has approximately 3 times higher entropy than TRNG (True Random Number Generator).
ICTK has a solution for a Dual Quantum chip that implements the PQC algorithm and QRNG in one chip. We are confident that it will be the most powerful solution to respond to Post Quantum.