Logo type

ICTK Holdings' BI design uses blue as the main colour, representing reliability and creativity, to express its expertise in semiconductor design. As a secondary colour, bright white is used to create a sense of vibrancy and vitality.

Horizontal ver.

Vertical ver.




When using ICTK Holdings' logo, one main color can be used to increase the visibility of the BI, depending on the print context.

The primary color is Pantone 285C and should be maintained when using the logo color.

An additional secondary color can be used when using blue in text or backgrounds.


ICTK Holdings' English and Korean writing methods and representative fonts are as follows.

1. Be aware of spacing.

2. Maintain identity by using a unified font.

3. Fonts are applied in principle as a pretend, and if it is necessary to express in a different font, it must be checked after application.