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2017 Big Success at CES, MWCCongratulations on ICTK's successful participation in the CES exhibition in the U.S.



历时4天(当地时间2017年1月5日-8日)的展会,ICTK展台吸引了无数参展观众的驻足,而工作人员也始终以饱满的热情、耐心地与参展者沟通,产品特色和技术优势在工作人员的解说下展现得淋漓尽致,会展现场的企业及专业观众在初步了解我司产品后,对我司采用的PUF技术(物理不可克隆技术)和相关加密产品表现出了极大的兴趣,很多客户都在现场进行了详细的咨询,尤其值得关注的是HP,Analog devices, Boardcom, Hisense, Haier, Realtek, 华为,小米等公司莅临我司展位了解我司产品,希望借此次CES展会的平台进行深入的合作。


我司金次长向观众讲解加密芯片GIANT I 的原理及应用


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Introduction to vertical business areas 

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PUF Technology

What is PUF?

Unique Inborn ID 
(PUF, Physically Unclonable Functions)

•Silicon Inborn ID using the randomness of passive device generation in the semiconductor manufacturing process

• As a Physical ID created with physical characteristics, it is fundamentally impossible to falsify or duplicate the value

• Since each semiconductor chip generates a different unique ID, it is called a semiconductor fingerprint.

PUF Advantages

AS Via PUF provides unique Silicon Inborn ID characteristics,  It provides the Root of Trust (RoT), the source of all trust

•Via PUF guarantees stability that is impervious to 
various types of hacking attacks.

•Via PUF is a method of forming via holes between 
metal layers during semiconductor processing.

•As a passive device method, it is an innovative method
that solves all the problems of existing technologies.

•PUF that satisfies all randomness, homeostasis and 
security •Unlike other technologies, no error correction
circuit (ECC) is required.

What you can do with PUF

VIA PUF can be applied to various IoT devices and solutions  that require strong security.

•ICTK's security chip generates a key pair of a private key and a public key in the security chip using an algorithm called ECC based on the key generated by PUF.

•ICTK's PUF security chip provides encrypted RAM (Random Access Memory) and encrypted eFlash (flash memory) inside.

•ICTK's security chip can be operated in PQC (Post Quantum Cryptography), a quantum security algorithm.

ICTK's security chip is the most powerful existing method to provide the Root of Trust function based on PUF.