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2017 Big Success at CES, MWCHardware encryption chip|ICTK encryption chip service is perfect, Xia is not profitable!


1.深圳市艾矽科技有限公司经销批发的NFC加密标签、NFC加密标签畅销消费者市场,在消费者当中享有较高的地位,公司与多家代理商和消费者建立了长期稳定的合作关系。深圳市艾矽科技有限公司经销的产品品种齐全、价格合理。 2.深圳市艾矽科技有限公司一直坚持以技术决定实力,以质量占领市场的原则,大力发展品牌战略,走国际化路线。大力加强开发安全加密保护,正如今天给大家带来全新的加密芯片。ICTK现有优秀的资深工作人员以及先进科学的管理理念,为广大客户提供优质的产品及服务,是我们孜孜不倦的追求。 3.ICTK秉承“顾客至上,锐意进取”的经营理念,坚持“客户第一”的原则为广大客户提供优质的加密芯片、硬件加密芯片等产品和服务。欢迎广大客户惠顾!官网地址

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PUF Technology

What is PUF?

Unique Inborn ID 
(PUF, Physically Unclonable Functions)

•Silicon Inborn ID using the randomness of passive device generation in the semiconductor manufacturing process

• As a Physical ID created with physical characteristics, it is fundamentally impossible to falsify or duplicate the value

• Since each semiconductor chip generates a different unique ID, it is called a semiconductor fingerprint.

PUF Advantages

AS Via PUF provides unique Silicon Inborn ID characteristics,  It provides the Root of Trust (RoT), the source of all trust

•Via PUF guarantees stability that is impervious to 
various types of hacking attacks.

•Via PUF is a method of forming via holes between 
metal layers during semiconductor processing.

•As a passive device method, it is an innovative method
that solves all the problems of existing technologies.

•PUF that satisfies all randomness, homeostasis and 
security •Unlike other technologies, no error correction
circuit (ECC) is required.

What you can do with PUF

VIA PUF can be applied to various IoT devices and solutions  that require strong security.

•ICTK's security chip generates a key pair of a private key and a public key in the security chip using an algorithm called ECC based on the key generated by PUF.

•ICTK's PUF security chip provides encrypted RAM (Random Access Memory) and encrypted eFlash (flash memory) inside.

•ICTK's security chip can be operated in PQC (Post Quantum Cryptography), a quantum security algorithm.

ICTK's security chip is the most powerful existing method to provide the Root of Trust function based on PUF.