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2017 Big Success at CES, MWCInvest in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg has won one place in the global competitiveness report

룩셈부르크 국가 경쟁력 순위, 전세계 137개국 중 19위


최근 세계경제포럼(World Economic Forum)이 발표한 ‘2017년 세계 경쟁력 보고서(Global competitiveness report)에서 룩셈부르크가 전세계 137개국 중 19위를 차지했다. 세계 경 쟁력 보고서는 세계경제포럼에서 발간되는 연간 보고서로, 전세계 주요 137개국을 대상 으로 국가의 제도와 정책 및 여러 요소를 평가하는 보고서이다. 평가 항목은 '기본요인 (Basic Requirements)'과 '효율성 증진(Efficiency Enhancers)', '혁신 및 성숙도(Innovation and Sophistication Factors)' 등 3대 분야의 12개 항목으로 이루어져있다. 룩셈부르크는 “효율성 증진(efficiency enhancers)”과 '혁신 및 성숙도(Innovation and Sophistication Factors)' 부문에서 각각 23위, 16위로 지난해와 같은 순위를 차지했다.

The grand duchy ranked 19th out of 137 territories in the Global Competitiveness Report 2017-2018, produced by the World Economic Forum, a major Swiss research institute. Locally the WEF worked with the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce.

 No ground-breaking improvements were recorded, the chamber said in a press statement published on 27 September. 

There has been no overall gain, nor a general loss in the latest results. Luxembourg retained the same rank as in 2016 in 

two key sub-categories: 23rd place in “efficiency enhancers” and 16th place for “innovation and sophistication”. 

However, the country dropped from the 9th to the 10th place for its “basic requirements”. 

These included Luxembourg’s weakest areas, such as infrastructure and health.


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PUF Technology

What is PUF?

Unique Inborn ID 
(PUF, Physically Unclonable Functions)

•Silicon Inborn ID using the randomness of passive device generation in the semiconductor manufacturing process

• As a Physical ID created with physical characteristics, it is fundamentally impossible to falsify or duplicate the value

• Since each semiconductor chip generates a different unique ID, it is called a semiconductor fingerprint.

PUF Advantages

AS Via PUF provides unique Silicon Inborn ID characteristics,  It provides the Root of Trust (RoT), the source of all trust

•Via PUF guarantees stability that is impervious to 
various types of hacking attacks.

•Via PUF is a method of forming via holes between 
metal layers during semiconductor processing.

•As a passive device method, it is an innovative method
that solves all the problems of existing technologies.

•PUF that satisfies all randomness, homeostasis and 
security •Unlike other technologies, no error correction
circuit (ECC) is required.

What you can do with PUF

VIA PUF can be applied to various IoT devices and solutions  that require strong security.

•ICTK's security chip generates a key pair of a private key and a public key in the security chip using an algorithm called ECC based on the key generated by PUF.

•ICTK's PUF security chip provides encrypted RAM (Random Access Memory) and encrypted eFlash (flash memory) inside.

•ICTK's security chip can be operated in PQC (Post Quantum Cryptography), a quantum security algorithm.

ICTK's security chip is the most powerful existing method to provide the Root of Trust function based on PUF.